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My name is Bonne, I'm an app developer, and I'm passionate about making games and other apps. Last year I released my first game "DontCross " on the Play Store.

I am 19 years old and I've been creating android apps with Java for over 4 years. I started with Unity but moved quickly to Android Studio. After this I focused on combining machine learning and mobile apps which lead to new ideas.

Bonne B.

App Developer

about Bonne Bogaert

  1. TU Delft - I am currently studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft (The Netherlands). Outside creating apps, I am also heavily passionate about electronics and automation.
  2. Private Pilot License - This year I will also start with my Private Pilot License (PPL). I always dreamt of flying and this year, that dream will come true. Together with my Dad I followed a year of theory and this summer we will have our first flying lesson.
    Can't wait for that!
  3. What else? - I am a passionate snowboarder and wakeboarder. I like to hang out with my friends. I have a younger sister and two awesome parents. 

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